ERANOS CONFERENCE 2022: ‘Earth Symbols: The Inhospitable Planet and the Thought of a New Habitability’

Casa Eranos, Ascona (Switzerland), September 8-10, 2022

When the relationship between civilization and nature breaks down, when the interaction between human history and the life of the planet is disrupted by what Nietzsche would call the will to power of immature freedom, not only does the future become uncertain. It also becomes increasingly difficult to imagine new forms of habitability of the only planet where life can reproduce itself, if we do not want to indulge in the puerile illusion of being able to abandon what has been destroyed to reach other shores. Before imagining what new orientation to give to our lives, as if deep-rooted lifestyles can be reoriented at will from one day to the next, we must ask ourselves what resources cultures offer for a different and new habitability of the place that hosts us. For example, questioning the symbols and myths, through which the earth and nature have been told in the past: a whole repertoire of wisdom that must be kept in mind today, to try to assign another meaning to our relationship with resources and to the very experience of hospitality, if it is true that we are all guests of a planet that, like any other home, has its own rules of habitability. Today’s scientific discourse provides us with all the knowledge necessary to understand the reasons for the unsustainability of our production regimes and our consumption habits, but to feel the need for change we have to nurture our imagination, to adhere to a different persuasion of ourselves. And for this we may refer to the rich symbolic universe made available to us by different cultures and traditions.

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Please note that the Conference has limited places. For this reason, advanced registration is required, by email,, or by phone, at +41 (0) 91 792 20 92.
The registration fee is CHF 50.- for the entire Conference and CHF 25.- for single day sessions.

Upon registration for the symposium, a distance mode of participation will be also provided.


The fee for lunches is of CHF 30.- /day. It is recommended to register for meals because there are no opportunities nearby.


The lectures will be either in French, English, or in Italian, depending on the speaker.

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Phone: +41 (0) 91 792 20 92

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