PhD in Philosophy

The educational project of the Doctorate in Philosophy in agreement between the Universities of Pisa and Florence is to initiate doctoral students to high-level philosophical research both in university institutions and in public and private research institutions, in harmony with the liveliest addresses of the current international debate and in all the main sectors of philosophical research. The articulation in four training curricula covers all the main areas of Philosophy (History of philosophy; Logic, philosophy and history of science; Ethics, politics and religions; Theoretics, aesthetics and philosophy of languages), responding in an optimal way to this need for extensive and flexible training. The agreement between the University of Pisa and that of Florence makes it possible to set up a doctoral college whose skills cover all areas of philosophical research. Due to the richness and breadth of skills and perspectives, the PhD in Philosophy can offer itself as a privileged interlocutor for similar doctoral training experiences in Italy and abroad.
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